Pike Fighter

Pike Fighter 16CM 30G

Pike Fighter 16CM 30G

 30g 160mm Topwater Peche Pesca Pike Fighter Musky Fishing Lure Pencil Minnow Hard Bait Lure Fresh Water Tackle


1. Sharp Hooks Mmaterial from Japan, Best Quality Metal Made of.
2.Metal Balls Inside, much more futher; More funy due to the sound.
3.Laser Line will make the lure more attractive and be seen by big fish
4.3D High Simulation Fish Eye More Attractive and Real
5.means one of each color
Model: Pike Fighter

Sizes: 160MM-30G
Swimming Motion: Floating
Hooks: Sharp and High Penetration Hooks

Pike Fighter is a tailor made lure for catching Pike. It can be regarded as the most suitable predator for Pike. Its slim body can have strong side to side movement in the water to draw the attention of Giant Pike. When fishermen retrieve it, it will strongly moves with noisy rattle sound. This is the best snack for Pike.