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Changzhou Ruilong Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Ruilong Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hard bait and soft bait. It is located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. Founded in 2003, it is an enterprise integrating fishing bait design, development, production and wholesale.We provide OEM and ODM product service.
We produce different kinds of hard lures, soft lures, wooden lures, spoon lures, tackle boxes, etc.

After many years great efforts, till now we have developed a series of unique style products.
There are mainly four categories products:

1. Manual made soft baits with the characteristic of great craftwork, beautiful color, the main paint and other chemical additives are all imported from U.S, Switzerland, Germany and France. The swim posture is similar to the real fish.

2. Hard plastic baits, There are more than 300 models, on the surface of lures, we take three kinds of paint processing, Common, Metal and Laser. 

3. Metal baits, Wooden baits and different fishing hooks, include Spinner baits and kinds of lead hooks etc. The craft is taken steel mould and extrusion, paint procession is taken the crylic acid solution and colophony paint which improve the combination of the paint and lead, and reduce the pollution. 

4. Other Accessories, include Lead sinkers, snap linker, traces, wooden lures and giftware etc.

Most of our products are sell to North America, European countries, Australia, and Japan. We provide reasonable price an high quality products so that all the clients have a great interest on our goods.

Ruilong fishing tackle company located between Shanghai and Nanjing, closing the railway station , airport and expressway , the transportation is very convenient. We welcome the friends from all over the world to visit us.

Changzhou Ruilong Fishing Tackle Co.,Ltd
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