Buggi Pop Fishing Lures 4CM 4G

Buggi Popper 4CM 4G

If you’re after a surface fishing lure that provides explosive results when fishing topwater for species such as Australian Bass, Bream, and any other, dam lake or estuary species that hit surface lures look no further than the River 2 Sea Buggi pop surface fishing lure.

The River 2 Sea Buggi pop fishing lure is an excellent ultralight topwater fishing lure. When you twitch this lure with the rod tip pointed high it creates splashes along the water surface which are irresistible to the predatory fish beneath.

You can also twitch it with your rod tip pointed low for a paddle and spit type retrieve.

Another way the River 2 Sea Buggi pop fishing lures can be actioned is just to crank it steadily allowing your lure to swim and gargle along the water surface.

Once you cast out your River 2 Sea Buggi Popper fishing lure, let it settle for a little before you attempt to retrieve then get set to experience some explosive surface strikes from those predatory fish beneath.

  • Model – Buggi Pop Fishing Lures 4CM 4G
  • Size 40mm
  • Action: Top Water Surface lure – paddler and splasher
  • Weight: 4 grams
  • Quality Chemically Sharpened Treble Hooks
  • Suitable for either freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing.
  • An excellent topwater lure for targeting bream, perch, Australian bass, and a range of other estuarine fish species.