Lobster Runner 6CM 6G

Lobster Runner 6CM 6G
Lobster Runner 6CM 6G Hard bait Fishing Lures

Lobster fishing bait Lobster Runner 6CM 6G

Crawfish and stream smallmouth make an inseparable pair through most of the season. And when water warms and bass get active, the sight of a fleeing crawfish is too much for a bronzeback to take!

Hundreds of crawfish species inhabit North American waters. Scientists estimate that there are over 330 species in the southeast U.S. alone. That fact, along with the crustacean’s lifecycle changes, accounts for the different colorations that crawfish sport and the corresponding crawfish imitations that anglers employ.

The Rebel Teeny Wee Crawfish is an ideal crankbait on small smallmouth streams. They pretty much cover the spectrum of crawdad colors you will need, from spring reds to summer brown/orange or chartreuse/orange combinations. Observe your local crawfish when you can, and take note any time a bass coughs up a crawdad boatside.

The Teeny Wee Crawfish cranks down to two- and three-foot depths, making it ideal for working shallow runs and fishing the low-water stream conditions of a dry summer. In addition to smallmouth, the Teeny Wee is one of the top-rated trout lures in tailraces, streams and rivers across the country. Try various retrieves, from stop-and-go to a constant slow/medium retrieve.