SSB 3.3" 4.3G 4.5" 9.2G

SSB 3.3" 4.3G 4.5" 9.2G SSA 3.3" 6.8G Handmade Soft Bait Fishing Lure Swimbait Silicone Bass Minnow Plastic Fishing Factory

SSB 3.3" 4.3G 4.5" 9.2G Paddle Tail Swimbait

The Swimming Shad Eye Swimbait is truly like live bait – and it won’t die in your tackle box either. From the large holographic eyes, fish-scale pattern and swimming action, the Swimming Shad Eye’s life-like bait-fish profile and detailing is what makes this bait a winner. The slit in the belly also facilitates better hook penetration for more, quality hook ups, and the super soft plastic formulation also provides it with the most kick possible – even at the slowest retrieve speeds. Available in a variety of colors, the Swimming Shad Eye Swimbait is as close to real thing as you can get – without a heartbeat. These baits are so soft it is highly recommended that you use a swim bait hook with a spring keeper or hitch hiker to hold the bait securely on the hook.

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